Changelog 0.01

A few things have changed in 0.01:

  • DONE replace boids with simple particle system
  • DONE make narration text appear word by word linearly when audio is played
  • DONE make the word narration speed adjust based on word length 
  • DONE make clicktap rail into a single arrow
  • DONE make the arrow start at the clicktap center
  • DONE make sure clickTap doesn't clip out of the window on y axis
  • DONE make clickTap center change color based on action type
  • DONE reduce clickTap size
  • DONE make clickTap snap to y-axis frame border if it's close
  • DONE make clickTap drag only follow the mouse when moving in the right direction on the requested axis
  • DONE do a .2 offset to black (scene objects never go darker than .2)
  • DONE reduce number of sprite layers to 4
  • DONE in the story module, make the lerps only walk arcross the x/y axis, disregard z
  • DONE make the radial multiply code into it's own screenspace shader
  • DONE create a sprite based depth of field shader
  • DONE investigate screen-vignette/circular gradient, that darkens with distance to center
    •  DONE do linear from original screenUV center to .1/.9 | x/y
    •  DONE make it movable anywhere on the screen

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Sep 06, 2017

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